E-Mix Issue GT-01

Catalog #:GT-01
OI1 Queen Another One Bites The Dust
Re-edited by C. Lawson
5:50 109 BPM
OI2 Lakeside Fantastic Voyage
Re-edit by G. Beasley/C. Lawson T. Thorton
7:00 115 BPM
OII1 Patrice Rushen Forget Me Nots
Re-edited by G. Beasley/C. Lawson
5:07 115 BPM
OII2 Imagination Just An Illusion
Edit by G. Beasley/C. Lawson
7:45 106 BPM
RI1 Main Source Looking At The Front Door
Re-edited by G. Beasley
5:40 108 BPM
RI2 M.C. Hammer Here Comes The Hammer
Edit by C. Lawson
7:56 122 BPM
RII1 Monie Love It's A Shame
Mix/Edit by C. Lawson
6:42 109 BPM
RII2 Device What Is Sadness
Mix/Edit by J. Gray/O. Guffey
7:35 100 BPM