Disconet Volume 9, Program 12

Date:Sep 1987
A1 Whitney Houston Love Will Save The Day
Disconet Edit by Mike Carroll
6:16 116 BPM
A2 Bananarama I Heard A Rumour
Edit by Mike Carroll
7:37 126 BPM
B1 Jo Jo & The Real People Lady Marmalade
Edit by Henry Winslow
6:10 116 BPM
B2 Company B Full Circle
Edit by Lee Eckinger
7:38 118 BPM
C1 Jennifer Rush Heart Over Mind
Edit by Steven Von Blau
7:14 124 BPM
C2 Mary Wilson Don't Get Mad Get Even
Disconet Edit by Terry Sherman & Steven Von Blau
6:58 128 BPM
D1 Paradise Body Music
Mixed by Mark Styles
7:10 118 BPM
D2 Lysa Lynn I've Got The Hots For You
Power Mix Edit by Phil E. Jones
6:58 119 BPM