Disconet Volume 9, Program 1

Date:Oct 1986
A1 Stacy Lattisaw Nail It To The Wall
Disconet Edit / Edit by Steven Von Blau
7:24 120 BPM
A2 Jimmy Lifton I'm A Man
Edit by Steven Von Blau
8:03 120 BPM
B1 Michelle Wow Long Time No See
Remix / Mix by Doug DiFranco
5:14 114 BPM
B2 Grant Miller Doctor For My Heart
Extended Edit
5:44 117 BPM
C1 Talk Talk Why Is It So Hard
Edit by Steven Von Blau
7:18 136 BPM
C2 Terry Iten What A Night
5:43 144 BPM
D1 Falco The Sound Of Musik
Edit by Ken Alan
7:08 100 BPM
D2 Orient Affair Classic Dance
Disconet Edit
6:00 136 BPM