Disconet Volume 8, Program 3

Date:Nov 1985
A1 Glenn Frey You Belong To The City
Extended Edit
6:57 110 BPM
A2 Aretha Franklin Who's Zoomin' Who
Disconet Edit
8:17 110 BPM
B1 Eddie Murphy Party All The Time
Extended Edit
6:40 136 BPM
B2 David Knopfler Shockwave
Extended Edit / Mix by Steven Von Blau
7:35 132 BPM
C1 Rick Ashton Come Get Me Up
Extended Edit
7:40 127 BPM
C2 Dead Or Alive My Heart Goes Bang
Extended Edit
7:00 127 BPM
D1 OMD So In Love
Extended Edit
5:56 122 BPM
D2 The Moody Blues Blue World
Extended Edit / Mix by Raul & Steven
7:23 128 BPM