Disconet Volume 6, Program 4

Date:Oct 1983
A1 Billy Joel Tell Her About It
Extended Edit
7:49 182 BPM
A2 Dave Valentin with Bruni Pagan Loquita (Crazy Lady)
Extended Edit
9:04 146 BPM
B1 Jimmy "Bo" Horne So Good To Me
MegaMix / A Jonathan Fearing Mix
10:37 117 BPM
C1 Two Sisters Destiny
8:26 132 BPM
C2 Vococo Same Love
5:51 130 BPM
D1 Lama Love Is On The Rocks
Extended Edit
8:56 125 BPM
D2 Gillian Lane You Take My Heart Away
Extended Edit
6:02 125 BPM