Disconet Volume 5, Program 3

Date:Aug 1982
A1 ABC The Look Of Love
A Raul Dance Edit
6:57 124 BPM
A2 Lee Prentiss Have I The Right?
A Raul Dance Mix
6:57 136 BPM
B1 Q-Feel Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)
A Jonathan Fearing Edit
10:16 140 BPM
B2 Sherrie Payne Girl You're In Love / I'm Not In Love
Mix by Will Crocker & Rick Gianatos
9:11 124 BPM
C1 Karen Young Deetour
Mix by Raul & Walter Kahn
7:28 105 BPM
C2 Crazy Joe & The Variable Speed Band Eugene Goes To School
6:49 115 BPM
D1 Simple Minds Promised You A Miracle
6:41 120 BPM
D2 Culture Club I'm Afraid Of Me
A Tarquin Featherstoneshaw Mix
8:13 124 BPM