Disconet Volume 5, Program 13

Date:Jun 1983
A1 Patsy Gallant It's Got To Be You
Extended Edit / Mix by Steven Von Blau
6:44 138 BPM
A2 David Bowie Let's Dance
Extended Edit
8:55 118 BPM
B1 American Fade I'm Alive
Remix / A Raul Dance Mix
9:43 122 BPM
C1 Maxine Dee I Need A Man (That's What I'm Living For)
Mix by Valapucci
8:22 146 BPM
D1 At Midnight Medley
by Danae Jacovidis
1. Yvonne Fair 'It Should Have Be Me'
2. The Spinners 'It's A Shame'
3. Lamont Dozier 'Take Off Your Makeup'
4. Bionic Boogie 'Dance Little Dreamer'
5. Timmy Thomas 'Why Can't We Live Together?'
6. George Mc Crae 'Rock Your Baby'
7. Love Unlimted 'Under The Influence Of Love'
8. Buddy Miles 'Pull Yourself Together'
9. T-Connection 'At Midnight'
17:22 102 BPM