Disconet Volume 3, Program 5

Date:Mar 1980
A1 Rocky Mizell Let's Go Dancing
Extended Version
4:31 124-128 BPM
A2 Judy Cheeks I Don't Wanna Love You Again
4:58 124-128 BPM
A3 Poussez Leave That Boy Alone
Extended Version
7:39 124-128 BPM
B1 American Gypsy I'm Ok, You're Ok
Remix / A Raul Dance Mix
10:46 132 BPM
C1 Rupert Holmes Bolero
4:53 138-144 BPM
C2 Jesse Rae D.E.S.I.R.E.
New Wave Takes A Disco Trip / Special Disconet Mix by Casey Jones
8:30 138-144 BPM
D1 The Original Cameo-Parkway Medley
1. Chubby Checker 'Limbo Rock'
2. The Orions 'South Street'
3. Dee Dee Sharp 'Mashed Potatoe Time'
4. Dee Dee Sharp 'Gravy'
5. The Orions 'Wah-Watusi'
6. The Orions 'Don't Hang Up'
14:23 92-114 BPM