Disconet Volume 2, Number 6

Date:Dec 1978
A1 The Dells Face To Face
DJ: Jeff Tilton
6:04 114-120 BPM
A2 Beverly And Duane Glad I Gotcha Baby
DJ: Jeff Tilton
3:43 114-120 BPM
A3 Cheryl Lynn You Saved My Day
DJ: Jeff Tilton
4:40 114-120 BPM
A4 T-Connection At Midnight
DJ: Jeff Tilton
8:04 114-120 BPM
B1 Araxis Space Ship Araxis
DJ: Jeff Tilton
5:42 132-134 BPM
B2 Gonzalez Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet
DJ: Jeff Tilton
5:52 132-134 BPM
B3 Mantus Dance It Free Style
DJ: Jeff Tilton
5:25 132-134 BPM
C1 Eine Kleine Disco Concerto Disco Concerto
DJ: Jeff Tilton
4:20 126-134 BPM
C2 Moulin Rouge Holiday
DJ: Jeff Tilton
5:53 126-134 BPM
C3 Jannie Hoeg Looking Out The Window
DJ: Jeff Tilton
3:35 126-134 BPM
C4 Bonnie St. Claire Don't Let Them Stop The Music
DJ: Jeff Tilton
5:24 126-134 BPM
D1 Christmas Medley
by Bobby DJ Guttadaro
1. 'Drums'
2. The Jokers 'Gloria Medley'
3. The Beach Boys 'Little St. Nick'
4. The Supremes 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'
5. Charo '(Mamacita) Donde Esta Santa Claus?'
6. Martin Mull 'Santafly'
7. Basic Black And Pearl 'White Christmas'
8. The Singing Dogs 'Jingle Bells'
19:05 132-85 BPM