Disconet Volume 11, Program 4

Date:Mar 1989
A1 S-Express Hey Music Lover
Funky Lover Mix / Edit by Mervyn "The Funkmaster" Jordan
7:10 125 BPM
A2 Apollonia Mismatch
Muyet's Mix-'em All Version
5:59 120 BPM
B1 Moonstone The Visitors
Megamix by Steven Von Blau & Mark Styles
8:21 132 BPM
B2 Brenda Reid & The New Exciters Reaching For The Very Best
The "Oh Yeah" Edit by J. R. Clements
6:29 136 BPM
C1 Yazz Stand Up For Your Love Rights
Edit by Steven Von Blau
9:49 126 BPM
C2 Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True
Edit by Fax Headroom
5:06 99 BPM
D1 Katie Kissoon I Need A Man In My Life
Edit by Gary Otto
9:11 130 BPM
D2 Real Rhythm Tracks (130)
A Valapucci Mix
3:01 130 BPM