Disconet Volume 11, Program 1

Date:Dec 1988
A1 Taylor Dayne Don't Rush Me
A Mike Carroll Edit
6:06 130 BPM
A2 Centrifuge feat Fax Headroom From Here To Eternity
Remix by Mark Styles & Steven Von Blau
8:01 130 BPM
B1 Muyet's Year-End Medley
Megamix by Dennis Muyet
1. Giant Step 'Another Lover'
2. S-Express 'Superfly Guy'
3. Depeche Mode 'Strangelove'
4. Good Question 'Got A New Love'
5. Raze 'Break For Love'
6. Inner City 'Big Fun'
7. Yazz 'The Only Way Is Up'
8. Will To Power 'Say It's Gonna Rain'
9. Noel 'Out Of Time'
10. Kim Wilde 'You Came'
11:03 116-120 BPM
B2 A.K.A. Cruel Lovin'
Edit by Mervyn "Funkmaster" Jordan
6:03 114 BPM
C1 Celi Bee He-Man '88
Mix by Artie Jacobs
6:41 104 BPM
C2 Kym Mazelle Useless
6:28 120 BPM
C3 Art Of Noise feat Tom Jones Kiss
A Mike Carroll Edit
4:32 115 BPM
D1 The High Energy Turbo Megamix '88
Megamix by J. R. Clements & Cliff "Bubbles" Pope
1. S-Express 'Theme From S-Express'
2. Pet Shop Boys 'Heart'
3. Tracie Spencer 'Symptoms Of True Love'
4. Sabrina 'Boys (Summertime Love)'
5. Yazz 'The Only Way Is Up'
6. Hazell Dean 'Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)'
7. Erasure 'Chains Of Love'
8. Kim Wilde 'Never Trust A Stranger'
9. Quartzlook 'No Regrets'
10. Offshore 'All Work And No Play'
11. Olivia Newton-John 'The Rumour'
12. Blue Zone U.K. 'Jackie'
13:43 120-136 BPM