Disc Drive Version 1.2

Catalog #:DD 1.2
Date: 1992
A1 Kym Sims Take My Advice
Listen Up Mix by Howard Prince & Phillip Columbus
6:34 119.5 BPM
A2 D'Bora Love Desire
Brutal Mix by Phillip & Howard
6:25 119.5 BPM
B1 Jody Wately I'm The One You Need
Deconstructed by Brian McGuire
6:02 112.5 BPM
B2 Danny B Life Can Be So Groovy
DeeGroovy Mix by Phillip, Howard & Jonathon
6:43 117.5 BPM
C1 2 Unlimited Twilight Zone
X-Statik Mix by Howard, Jonathon & Phillip
6:29 127.5 BPM
C2 Mr. Lee Get Off
Tekno Mix by Jonathon Stewart & Roy McLeod
6:03 126 BPM
D1 Stacy Earl Romeo & Juliet
Where For Art Thou Mix by Jonathon Stewart
6:44 122.5 BPM
D2 Kathy Toccollu Everything Changes
Mix by: A King, A Queen & A Prince
6:00 117 BPM