Breaktime Volume I Program II/I

Date: 1987
A1 1987 Hi-NRG Medley (1-2-3 Cotton Candy Medley)
Mixed by Bill Bures
1. Barbara Doust 'If You Love Somebody'
2. Debbie Harry 'In Love With Love'
3. Madonna 'Causing A Commotion'
4. Kim Wild 'You Keep Me Hangin' On'
5. Laura Branigan 'Shattered Glass'
6. Men Without Hats 'Pop Goes The World'
7. Bananarama 'I Heard A Rumour'
8. Chip Chip 'Rock Me Tonight'
9. Pepsi & Shirlie 'Heartache'
10. Amanda Lucci 'Cry Out In The Night'
11. O'chi Brown 'Rock Your Baby'
12. Fun Fun 'Baila Bolero'
13. Diebold & Co. 'Still Right Here In My Heart'
14. Fun Fun 'Gimme Some Lovin''
15. Paul Lekakis 'Boom Boom Boom'
16. Chip Chip 'Never Say Goodbye'
17. Crystal In The Pink 'Back To You'
18. Oh Romeo 'Living Out A Fantasy'
19. Rainbow 'Humpty Dumpty'
20. Click 'Baila Baila'
19:40 124-136 BPM
B1 1986 Hi-NRG Medley (The Torrential Downpour Mix)
Mixed by Bill Bures
1. Ken Laszlo 'Don't Cry'
2. Eastbound Expressway 'You're A Beat'
3. Meccano 'Activate My Heart'
4. Tom Hooker 'Looking For Love'
5. Hazell Dean 'They Say It's Gonna Rain'
6. Tracy Spencer 'Run To Me'
7. Kelly Marie 'Hands Up'
8. Suzy Q 'Can't Live'
9. Bananarama 'Venus'
10. Barry Manilow 'I'm Your Man'
11. Michael Prince 'Dance Yourlove Away'
12. Stacey Q 'Two Of Hearts'
13. Lana Pellay 'Pistol In My Pocket'
14. Meccano 'Down Down Romeo'
15. Communards 'Don't Leave Me This Way'
16. Bronski Beat 'Hit That Perfect Beat'
18:00 120-136 BPM

Side A labeled Program II<br />Side B labeled Program I