Wolfram Video #584 HotVideo B

Format:Video NTSC
Date:Jul 1989
1 Billy Squier Don't Say You Love Me
2 Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes
3 Dead Or Alive Come Home With Me Baby (12" Remix)
4 Kevin Raleigh Moonlight On Water
5 Animotion Calling It Love
6 Pasadenas Riding On A Train (12" Remix)
7 LL Cool J I'm That Type Of Guy
8 Mica Paris My One Temptation
9 REM Pop Song '89
10 Holly Johnson Love Train
11 Swing Out Sister Waiting Game
12 Grayson Hugh Talk It Over
13 10,000 Maniacs Trouble Me
14 Sting Rainforest Preservation (P.S.A.)