Prime Cuts Volume 2, Issue 9

A1 Mothers Finest I'm In Danger
Dangerous Edit by Howard Prince
6:43 103 BPM
A2 Aretha Franklin & Whitney Houston It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be
Miss Thang Mix by Howard Prince
7:13 115 BPM
B1 Paris By Air Voices In Your Head
Show Mix Re-Edit by Brian McGuire
6:21 119 BPM
B2 The Jets You Better Dance
W.D.W.P.I. Edit by Steve Jaffe
6:46 111 BPM
C1 Simon Harris feat Lonnie Gordon I've Got Your Pleasure Control
S&M Bondage Mix by Howard Prince
7:23 120 BPM
C2 West Bam And Party
Party Mix by Paul Gordon
6:32 122 BPM
D1 Mutha Hood Ease The Pressure
Blowin' Off Steam Edit by Howard Prince
6:44 124 BPM
D2 Rhythm Complex The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Rhythm Of The Jungle Edit by Dale William
6:20 131 BPM