Mixx-It 39

Catalog #:CP-39
Date: 1990
A1 C & C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat
Mix & Additional Production by Cameron Paul/Assisted by Donny Affif
6:15 116 BPM
A2 Monie Love Monie In The Middle
Mix by Cameron Paul
5:26 116 BPM
A3 Al B. Sure! Missunderstanding
Mix by Carlos Nedd A.K.A. DJ Spicy Ice
4:50 116 BPM
B1 The Supreme Rap Medley
Medley by Donny Affif
9:54 102-120 BPM
B2 Heatwave Mind Blowing Decisions
Mix by Fabian Pulido A.K.A. " The Titlewave"
6:04 102 BPM
B3 A Special Message From Cameron Paul