Mix Connection Volume 17

01 The Rap Bag 'O' Beats
Mixed by Jay The Mixbuster
1. The Beastie Boys 'Shake Your Rump'
2. M.C. Search 'Step Into The A.M.'
3. Atmospheric 'Admit It'
4. Public Enemy 'Fight The Power'
5. A Tribe Called Quest 'Description Of A Fool'
6. De La Soul 'Say No Go'
7. Redhead Kingpin 'Do The Right Thing'
8. Queen Latifah 'Dance 4 Me'
9. Real Roxxanne 'On A Roll'
10. Antoinette 'Who's The Boss'
11. Wanda Dee '2 The Bone'
12. Stezo 'Put Your Body Into It'
13. Lakim Shabazz 'Black Is Black-Your Arm To Short'
14. M.C. Duke 'Throw Your Hands'
15. Twin Hype 'Twinhype'
16. Bob Cat 'Best In The West'
17. King Sun 'On The Club Tip'
18. Kool Moe Dee 'I Go To Work'
19. 45 King 'Kick The Bassline'